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Digital Marketing Services

We provide marketing service for many international products in local and regional markets for public and private companies. The marketing is done in accordance with the local import and export laws. Product and Service Research Facilitation: Providing advice to new prospective business partners who seek opportunities in Libya. Promoting linkages with Local businesses and authorities with international firms, and providing advice and support where appropriate.

Human resources services

provide work force for the various industries that require trades people, experts and professional engineers. The facilitation and exchange of educational and experiential opportunities with international institutions for the purpose of further learning and gaining practical experience in the various industry sectors.

Legal and Commercial consultancy services

Legal and Commercial consultancy services: provide consultation of investment opportunities in Libya for foreign investors The group provides expert advice on the best business models to including holiness registration with the reliant authorities. Furthermore, we assign a specialized team to manage conferences, seminars, book venues and coordinate with Business delegates on Libyan soil. Our consultation includes but it's not limited to, marketing, financing, insurance, taxation processes, Liking, entry visa procedures, translation, completing commercial documentation, and completing business guides for companies and institutions in alignment with their business structure.

Shipping Services and Logistics

Container reservation, the marine transport team works to reserve containers of all sizes for private traders and public and private companies for the purpose of transporting and shipping goods and products from international ports to Libyan ports. Providing Insurance and secure facilities for centuries before and after arrival to Libya upon request. Ship rental and sales from reputable marine services professionals

Goods inspection services

the group's experience includes but it's not limited to cargo inspection before and after shipping to ensure quality and quantity of goods in order to relieve clients of the burden of loss or errors that may occur in case or lack of disclosure. This service can be provided within 24 hours preceding the issuing of a preform invoice.

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