We are Professional and Experienced
Our company has a team of specialists in the field of oil, soil, environment and effective administrators and together we seek to provide distinctive services that lack the Libyan market and provide a solution to many problems
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Our Solution
Soil Stabilization and preventing sand creep on the roads
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Our Solution
Techniques for preventing water evaporation in basins and soil
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Our Solution
Technology for preventing oil spills from wells and fields and their access to groundwater
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Our Solution
Nano Technology
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AB Group
Actual Building for development and industrial investment
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Our Vision

 AB Group aims to be a strategic partner, and one with both an active and impactful presence in Libya, and across the various sectors in Libya

Our Mission

AB Group sees many great opportunities in Libya and for Libyans, and having strategic alliances and effective business partners will make these opportunities a reality.

Our Values

Honesty, quality, teamwork, continuous development

who are we?

We are a team of specialists interested in finding solutions to many construction and infrastructure problems in Libya and strive to find smart and environmentally friendly solutions that provide excellent quality and environment and economically available in the consumer.
We have been working as a team since 2019 under the Aurora Canadian Company and under the supervision of its director, Mr. Ahmed Hussein Al-Nimr
Through Dr. Badr Al-Dinali in Libya, supervising the implementation of the plans of the team, Dr. Badr Al-Dinali founded the team under the name AB and is abbreviated for the actual build as well as the first letter of Professor Ahmed Hussein Al-Nimr and Dr. Badr Al-Dinali
The name of the group is based on the range of solutions provided by the team

The actual build of industrial development and investment is the name of the parent company leading this team and is registered under license number: 4080232

Our Goal

Our collective goal focuses on being active during the various stages of transition that Libya is going through, and diligently seeking and attracting trade, and foreign investment. We aspire to:

Productive and value-added

Create productive and value-added opportunities for Libyans, and their local economy.


Promoting new ventures and attract International likeminded businesses.

Growth of Libya

Be part of the growth of Libya, and promoting professional and trade employment opportunities for the Libyan people.

Efficient Technologies

Focusing on new, green and efficient Technologies, Be good stewards for the environment

AB Group

Water solutions



Soil stabilization

AB Solutions Group

Soil Stabilization

We have sufficient experience in treating road sand creep, stabilizing soil and treating drifts in roads and canyons

Water Solutions

Our team provided water evaporation treatment technology and reduce water loss from exposed tanks

Oil tank cleaning technology

Our team is equipped to provide modern technology in cleaning oil tanks neutrally, quickly and safely on individuals and in an environmentally friendly manner

Addressing oil spills

This technology is important for the oil sector to tackle oil spills and separates oil from water in the best and lowest cost ways while preserving the environment

NANO Technology

Modern technology that will be the first of its kind in Libya protects private and public property from the effects of moisture and corrosion

Past Group Business Activities

AB Group provided several services to Local and international public and private companies. Our initial service was provided to GMMR (Great Man-Made River Authority a public utility company responsible for the distribution of water throughout Libya).
We collaborated with Flexible Solutions International and Earth-Tech to provide materials to prevent the evaporation and formation of algae in the company’s large reservoirs of water.

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