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 we strive to provide a wide range of services to encourage free trade under expert advice in the region
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AB Group
coalition of a number of private companies working together to provide a variety of services in trade, logistics and financial services.
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Our Vision

 AB Group aims to be a strategic partner, and one with both an active and impactful presence in Libya, and across the various sectors in Libya

Our Mission

AB Group sees many great opportunities in Libya and for Libyans, and having strategic alliances and effective business partners will make these opportunities a reality.

Our Values

Honesty, quality, teamwork, continuous development

who are we?

AB Group Profile: GROUP AB group is a coalition comprised of a number of private companies working together to provide services that are diversified in trade, logistics and financial services. The initiation of this coalition began in 2019, and today it consists of several Arab and foreign companies that operate under the umbrella of one cooperation. These companies are interdependent in their service and delivery but connected with the same set of legal procedures, and shared business. Interests.

Our Goal

Our collective goal focuses on being active during the various stages of transition that Libya is going through, and diligently seeking and attracting trade, and foreign investment. We aspire to:

Productive and value-added

Create productive and value-added opportunities for Libyans’ and the local economy.


Help in promoting taw ventures and attract International likeminded businesses.

Growth of Libya

Be part of the growth of Libya, and promoting professional and trade employment appertumities for the Libyan people.

Efficient Technologies

Focusing on new, green and efficient Technologies, Be good stewards for the environment

AB Group Makeup

Aurora Marketing

Africa International Shipping Agency (AISA)

AIEmaar Almoutamayeza Company

Afaq Alnajah Alawal Company


Companies From AB Group Provide

Digital Marketing Services

We provide marketing service for many international products in local and regional markets for public and private companies

Shipping Services and Logistics

the marine transport team works to reserve containers of all sizes for private traders and public and private

Goods inspection services

the group's experience includes but it's not limited to cargo inspection before and after shipping to ensure quality and quantity

Legal and Commercial consultancy services

provide consultation of investment opportunities in Libya for foreign investors

Human resources services

provide work force for the various industries that require trades people, experts and professional engineers

Past Group Business Activities

AB Group provided several services to Local and international public and private companies.
GROUP our initial service was provided to GMMR (Great Man-Made River Authority a public utility company responsible for the distribution of water throughout Libya.
We collaborated with Flexible Solutions International and Earth-Tech to provide materials to prevent the evaporation and formation of algae in the company’s large reservoirs of water.
We collaborated with Atlantic Express Corp and Safari Cargo Shipping to provide shipping services from the United States of America.

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