who are we?

working together to provide services that are diversified in trade, logistics and financial services. The initiation of this coalition began in 2019, and today it consists of several Arab and foreign companies that operate under the umbrella of one cooperation. These companies are interdependent in their service and delivery but connected with the same set of legal procedures, and shared business. Interests.

 As a group, we strive to provide a wide range of services to encourage free trade under expert advice in the region. We provide consultation on commercial deals to ensure quality standard are adhered to for the carryout of small and medium sized projects. Furthermore, our group of companies work in accordance to hot local, regional, and international standards.

Our Vision

 AB Group aims to be a strategic partner, and one with both an active and impactful presence in Libya, and across the various sectors in Libya

Our Mission

AB Group sees many great opportunities in Libya and for Libyans, and having strategic alliances and effective business partners will make these opportunities a reality.

Our Values

Honesty, quality, teamwork, continuous development

Our Team

Ahmed Elnamer

Mr. Ahmed Hussein Al-Nimr Al-Obaidi was born in 65 in Benghazi Residence in Canada since 1983 Obtaining special certificates In the field of marketing General Manager of Aurora Marketing and Member Founder in the group Submit your ideas and projects The group based on his extensive experience in the market International and local in Libya

Badr Al denali

He was born in December 1987 and has a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Benghazi Work in purchasing and e-marketing services Several years and he established a shipping agency that offers Shipping Services He is a founding member of the American Shipping Company average company He now works as Executive Director of the Ten-Year Plan AB . group's first

Ahmed ElMigrahi

He was born in the city of Al-Zawiya in Libya 1997 Received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Malaysia A founding member of the American Shipping Company average company A founding member of our group Manages public relations operations with most Companies and offers we receive

Ahmed Embarak

Mr. Ahmed Embarak was born in the city of Benghazi in Libya, the founder of the Africa International Agency for Agencies Shipping, and a founding member of our group, manages the shipping operations from the financial point of view

Ebrahim Almahde

Born in Benghazi, Libya Owner and General Manager of the first success horizons company For Logistics Services He acts as the general funder of the group and coordinator at Financial arrangements and investors A founding member of our group


Eng. Jumaa Saleh Al-Obaidi

Residence: Benghazi, Libya Employer: Member of the Board of Directors of the Agency Investing the water of the artificial river, Benghazi More than 35 years experience in the river system Do you want to earn it? Courses and certificates in the field of Investing in the device

Professor: Tarek Bouzreba

Place of residence: Tripoli, Libya Employer: Legal Adviser at the Ministry of justice And more than forty years of experience in Legal field

NS. Sami Hussein Al-Obaidi

Residence: Hamburg, Germany Employer: Observer in the department Purchasing at the Arabian Gulf Company Oil from 1995 to 2015 General Supervisor of Purchasing Operations Selling in the oil sector for the group

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