who we are?

We are a team of specialists interested in finding solutions to many construction and infrastructure problems in Libya and strive to find smart and environmentally friendly solutions that provide excellent quality and environment and economically available in the consumer.
We have been working as a team since 2019 under the Aurora Canadian Company and under the supervision of its director, Mr. Ahmed Hussein Al-Nimr
Through Dr. Badr Al-Dinali in Libya, supervising the implementation of the plans of the team, Dr. Badr Al-Dinali founded the team under the name AB and is abbreviated for the actual build as well as the first letter of Professor Ahmed Hussein Al-Nimr and Dr. Badr Al-Dinali
The name of the group is based on the range of solutions provided by the team

The actual build of industrial development and investment is the name of the parent company leading this team and is registered under license number: 4080232

Our Vision

 AB Group aims to be a strategic partner, and one with both an active and impactful presence in Libya, and across the various sectors in Libya.

Our Mission

AB Group sees many great opportunities in Libya and for Libyans, and having strategic alliances and effective business partners will make these opportunities a reality.

Our Values

Honesty, quality, teamwork, continuous development and improvement.

Our Team

Professor Ahmed ELNamer

Co-Founder AB Group Mr. ELNamer was born in the city of Hamburg-Germany. Has been living and working in Canada since 1982. In 1995 The Aurora Marketing Co. was established with the primary focus of being active in Libya. Mr. ELNamer is General Manager of Aurora Marketing and one of the founding members of AB Group.

Dr,Badr Al denali

General Manager General manager of Actual building for development and industrial investment

Engineer Ali OSAMA

Industrial Engineer Graduate University of Tripoli who is interested in development and modern technologies and is General Supervisor of Projects at AB

Mr. Taha Hamoudeh

Baccalaureus Business Administration and Director of Marketing Departmen


Eng. Jumaa Saleh Al-Obaidi
Water and Environment Adviser

Mr. Jumaa Al-Obaidi is a retired engineer and resides in Benghazi Libya. He was employed as a Soil Engineer with the Great Manmade River Authority of Libya, were he worked for over 30 years. His extensive career and experience makes him a significant collaborator for AB Group activities. Mr. Jumaa will be a significant contributor to our new(under development) Water and Soil Solutions Division of AB Group.

Professor: Tarek Bouzreba
‏legal adviser

Mr.Bouzreba resides and works in Tripoli, Libya. He brings with him more than 40 years of expertise in legal affairs as an established lawyer , and professor. He currently is a legal adviser with the Ministry of Justice of Libya. Mr. Bouzreba with his extensive legal background is a significant asset to AB Group.

NS. Sami Hussein Al-Obaidi
Oil & Gas Sector Consultant

Mr. Sami Al-Obaidi is a retired oil and gas material specialist who worked for over 20 years with the Arabian Gulf Oil Co. in their Materials Division. One of his primary functions was as a General Supervisor of Purchasing Operations in the gas and oil industry. His extensive career and experience makes him a significant contributor to our new(under development) Oil and Gas Division of AB Group.

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