Past AB Activities

AB Group provided several services to local and international public, and private companies.

AB Group continues to diligently work and collaborate with significant international and local companies to further advance our business interests in Libya.  In late 2021 we were part of the 1st LibyaBuild 2021 Pavilion. We had the privilege show casing a new and enhanced Polymer product to the Libyan market that generated a lot of interest. The product is a polymer that is utilized for the purpose of soil stabilization and dust control. This interest has led us to become exclusive agent for 5S products manufactured by 5S Technologies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2022, has also started on a successful trajectory for AB Group. We have partnered up with ADSORBIT USA, we are now their Libyan agents for the purpose of marketing their products in the areas where oil spills is an occurrence. Their products are environmentally friendly, recyclable; and made from fabric, rather than poly. 

Since the beginning of 2024, the company has been working on a major project, which is the construction of a road using 5S polymer technology for the Al-Mabarook field, which is affiliated with the Al-Mabarook Oil Services Company, affiliated with the National Oil Corporation, in cooperation with Al-Taawun Al-Mumayaz Company for Oil Services

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