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Aurora Marketing

This is a marketing and logistics company operating out of British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Ahmed EL Name founded Aurora in 1995. Aurora Marketing had a long relation with the Libyan public sector and specifically with The Libyan Great Man-Made River Project.

Africa International Shipping Agency (AISA)

This Company is made up of a team with extensive experience in freight forwarding, shipping and container rental services.

AIEmaar Almoutamayeza Company

This company focuses on the Maintenance of heavy-duty machinery and equipment. This specific company was established with the sole intention of becoming a service representative for Libeler in Libya. The initial undertaking of this company is to be part of the necessary work that is needed with our maritime ports and other affiliated industries.

Afaq Alnajah Alawal Company

This Company specializes in providing legal service to diferent clients and investors through facilitation of visa processes and legal translation. Summary of services: The following is a summary of some of the various activities that

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